Roof Lanterns Slough

Roof Lanterns Slough

Roof Lanterns Slough

A stylish addition to your property that will fill your rooms, orangery or house extension with lots of space-creating light.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Prices Slough

Stylish Roof Lanterns Slough

Our beautiful range of roof lanterns –  sometimes referred to as rooflights, ceiling windows or ceiling lights – are the perfect choice for any home in Slough. Both in terms of shape and performance, our roof systems excel and will make your home warmer, safer and improve its market appeal (should the time ever come to sell).

We extensively researched the market to find the very best roof lanterns. Smart Systems’ Rooflight 2000 was the obvious choice, because it allows us to easily create bespoke designs for our customers in Slough – so that they can create living spaces that look and perform as they had originally expected. Call today for more details.

You can get an online roof lantern quote in a matter of minutes by entering some basic details into our design tool. Use the app as often as you need to and for almost any other product on Direct Trade Windows’ website.

Features and Benefits of Aluminium Lantern Roofs

Our aluminium roof lanterns are extremely strong, yet feature slimmer bars, resulting in better views and more light. The modern-looking rooflights we install for our customers in Slough will transform your chosen living space and add genuine market appeal.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you look at a Smart System Rooflight 2000 is its slimline design. As if the aesthetics of our ceiling lights weren’t enough to grab your attention, you’ll also benefit from a strong and durable product that’s built to last a long time.

The contemporary roof lanterns that we install have been designed to streamline the fitting process. Our lightweight systems are easy to manipulate on site and work can be completed within a much shorter time span, minimising inconvenience.

Another intriguing – and extremely welcome – feature of our roof lanterns is their low pitch. Once installed, your rooflight won’t protrude too much, resulting in cleaner sightlines when your home in Slough is viewed from the garden. Call us today for advice.

Aluminium Roof Lantern Prices London

The lifespan of your aluminium roof lantern will ensure that your investment is well-paid. Aluminium is an incredibly strong material that can withstand harsh weather conditions without failing – so you can buy from Direct Trade Windows with peace of mind.

Enjoy a space that can be used all year round, no matter what the weather outside is doing. Our ceiling lights include temperature regulation technology that’ll stop your flat roof extension or orangery from getting too hot or too cold. Get a free quote today.

A choice of beautiful powder-coated finishes will be available for you to choose from. Enjoy the benefits of a roof lantern that’ll complement the architectural age, shape and style of your home in Slough when you choose Direct Trade Windows as your installer.

Only the minimal amount of maintenance will be required once your new Smart System Rooflight 2000 has been installed by our team. This means that you’ll have more time to devote to other projects, or to relax in your newly-revised extension or orangery.

Market-Leading Roof Lanterns, The Thermally Efficient Choice

Making sure that your home is Slough is warm and cosy during autumn and winter is important to you. Fortunately, our roof lanterns are each fitted with a clever polyamide bridge that stops cold transfer from occurring –  thereby overriding the inherent issue of aluminium being a poor heat conductor. Your home will produce lower overall U-values after we’ve completed work at your home in Slough and you’ll find that your energy overheads will have decreased.

Suitable For Different Projects

Our roof lanterns are flexible enough to be used for a range of home improvement scenarios. Create a stunning open-plan kitchen extension with a modern twist –  or how about turning your orangery into a lounge, living area, study space or playroom for the kids? Any of these options will be within your grasp when you ask Direct Trade Windows to install a brand new roof lantern. Our expert consultants will be able to help you create a room that meets your aesthetic and performance requirements.

Add Measurable Market Appeal

Even if you’re planning on staying at your home in Slough for a very long time, a new lantern roof will be an asset. That’s because it will make your property more marketable if and when the time comes to relocate. By creating a new room space – or bringing up-to-date an existing one – you’ll be able to attract homeowners who are looking to upscale. The stunning sightlines and exceptional performance of your ceiling light will be sure to catch the attention of potential buyers. Make an appointment today.

Aluminium Roof Lantern Prices London
Better Views Of The Outdoors

You’re keen to create a room that’s private, while still letting lots of light in, so that your new room doesn’t feel too claustrophobic. The slimline design of our roof lanterns means that you’ll be able to enjoy almost unobstructed views of the sky and a better sense of interior space. Why not add bi-folding or patio doors into your design mix to further increase light penetration and connect your orangery or extension to your garden in  Slough. Talk to one of our consultants today to explore different design possibilities.

Lantern Roof Prices, Slough and Surrounding London Areas

To arrange an appointment, ask us a question or get a free quote, please call Direct Trade Windows on 01923 777 722. For fast access to competitive prices, use our roof design quoting system – it takes just a couple of minutes.

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