Investment In Quality

Investment In Quality

Investment In Quality

Here at Direct Trade Windows, we always want to push to be the best of the best in the double glazing industry.

Not only do we install stunning double glazing and home improvement products across Slough, Watford, Greater London, the South East and the surrounding areas, we also manufacture many of our products. We take pride in this face because that way, we know that we are providing high-quality products from start to finish.

However, we do recognise that we have to invest in the future. High-quality products can only be made with state of the art machinery. Our team work hard to source the best machines we can use to create the best service and products for our loyal customer base.

Recently we have invested in the DigiBS 350, XC 2000 (a 3 axis CNC profile machining centre) and a hydraulic table. These have improved how quickly we can manufacture our products to high precision as well as aiding our transport and handling.

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DigiBS 350

The DigiBS 350 is a technologically advanced system which features an angle saw as well as a length stop. The saw is arranged in the “up-cut” position and houses a blade with a 350mm diameter. This high tech machinery allows the user to cut angles of 20 degrees to 160 degrees controlled by a Computer Numerical Control (or CNC) unit.

We are excited to use this piece of tech as it allows us to improve our precision cutting of profiles to a quicker standard. These are built to cut a profile to the correct size as well as process the head cut piece at the same time. This even boasts performing two cuts in a row at a 90-degree angle. This machine has the accuracy of + or – 0.1mm. This ensures that your double glazing will be flawless from production to installation.

For the user’s safety, these feature a unique and innovative security device. This ensures that the user cannot harm themselves when using this machine. While working, the machine locks the blade in a fully enclosed system. This can only be opened when the device is not running. This ensures that we do not harm ourselves while creating your stunning double glazing.

The quick cutting cycle has an incredible waste system as well as two ports for dust extraction. This machine is built for optimal speed as well as precision. As standard, each DigiBS 350 comes with

  • System stability
  • Malware protection
  • Quick startup
  • No switch off procedure
  • Left or Right handed operation and configuration

Get in touch with us today for more information on the DigiBS 350.

digibs 350 double glazed windows slough

XC 2000

The XC 2000 is a 3 axis CNC profile machining centre. These are specifically designed for processing aluminium profiles for double glazing. However, these can also process other lightweight alloy profiles. This machine will revolutionise the way we create our aluminium double glazing as these can process any shape onto the profiles. There is no shape that this machine cannot deal with.

The person using the machine can use this for any operations. For example, drilling, slots and milling operations can be done independently. The profile processing dimensions sit at 200mm x 200mm with any industrial windows and doors as well as unitised cladding system profiles being able to be put through this fantastic piece of technology. We won’t face any problems when using the XC 2000 to create your double glazing solutions.

xc 2000 double glazing slough

The standard version of this machine comes with:

  • A 15-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touch screen.
  • 3D computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software.
  • A cooling system that features a pulse mist spray.
  • Machine enclosure moves up and down automatically following the work cycle.
  • 3,0KW 18.00rpm ER 25 non-tool changer spindle with 2 sides.
  • 7,5KW 24.000rpm ISO 30 high speed spindle with an automatic tool changer magazine with 6 positions that can be placed linear towards the of the XC 2000.
  • Manually positioned profile clamps. Depending on the machine size opted for there can be 4, 6 or 8 clamps in total. Their width is adjustable – they can also support a fixture connection.
  • Doubles the work capacity due to the pneumatic reference points that have been fitted into both sides of the machine.
xc 2000 double glazing near me slough

Hydraulic Table

We have also invested in hydraulic tables as a means to transport our double glazing products easier. This, as well as our other investments, will ensure that our service is fast and reliable. We have spent the time to streamline our manufacturing process and our transporting of goods.

If you would like to get more information about how we are constantly improving our business and investing in quality and the future, please get in contact with us today. You can do so by either filling out our online contact form, dropping us an email at or giving us a call at 01923 777 722. You can also get an online quote on two of our fabulous double glazing products – aluminium bi-fold doors and roof lanterns. Use our double glazing cost calculator today

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