Heritage Windows Berkshire

Heritage Windows Berkshire

Heritage Windows Berkshire

If you live in a listed building – or live in a heritage or conservation area – it is vital that you meet the guidelines of your local planning department. That’s why here at Direct Trade Windows, we offer a wide range of heritage windows in Berkshire.

Heritage Windows Prices Berkshire

We source our products from Smart, a trusted supplier and manufacturer of double glazed products. This means that you can have the best quality heritage windows at affordable prices.

Our heritage windows are a great way of updating your home, making it more energy efficient while still keeping the traditional look and feel for your home.

Your new heritage windows will not compromise on your home’s original design. However, it will lower your energy bills by insulating your property.

We are confident in saying that our products will compliment the look and be the focal point of your Berkshire home.

Our heritage windows, supplied by Smart, are thermally efficient, as well as being strong and durable. They meet the market standards for double glazing while not bending on aesthetical appeal.

Heritage Windows Berkshire

Heritage Windows Berkshire – The Features and Benefits

Here at Direct Trade Windows, we offer heritage windows in a vast range of colours and finishes. This includes standard and non-standard colours including alchemy, textured, metallic and anodised effect finishes.

Opting for a dual colour effect is possible. This means that the interior frame colour is different from the exterior window colour. This ensures that your heritage windows meet requirements but can also match your interior home design and colour scheme.

We use only the best aluminium for our frames to ensure a long lasting window, as well as making sure your home is safe and secure. It is important to us as a company that your windows give the best performance they can.

Our heritage windows need little maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking like they’re brand new. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth now and then to get your frames looking the best they can.

Our team at Direct Trade Windows are experts at advising and installing heritage windows in Berkshire. We want to provide you with a professional and fast service. We aim to have your windows installed quickly and efficiently.

We can fit your new windows as single or double sash; side hung out open casement windows. This means that you can have replacement windows that are guaranteed to fit across the board.

All our heritage windows have been tested to PAS 24;2012 and function fully in line with Document L 2010. You can have peace of mind knowing that your double glazing meets a standard of quality that has been certified by an independent body.

Heritage Windows Offers Timeless Appearance

We know that a steel frame window can bring out the best in a building. Our range of heritage windows is designed to apply this to both old and new buildings to bring a beautiful modern feature to stand out.

We will work with you to get the best installation for your Berkshire home.

Double glazing Berkshire

Highly Secure Heritage Windows in Berkshire

Here at Direct Trade Windows, we believe in the safety and security of our customers in Berkshire. We understand that our customers want to feel safe in their homes. That is why our heritage windows are the perfect replacement for old single glazed windows.

Our Smart windows are installed with multi-lock systems. This means that our double glazed windows can withstand attacks even from the most determined intruder.

Designed to Last

Our windows don’t compromise on the original look of your property. In fact, we hope to enhance the look of your home.

Unlike the windows that we are emulating, our heritage windows are built to last.

Our windows are made from materials that will not rot, warp, discolour, or bow and crack through time or when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Thermally Efficient

We ensure that all our heritage windows are energy efficient. Even though they replicate the old design of windows, they do not lose heat like them.

Our heritage windows are fully insulated which is made possible by a polyamide bridge that is fitted into the aluminium frame. This will prevent heating from escaping your home and, in turn, saving you money on your energy bills.

Using Direct Trade Windows, we can install windows that will keep you’re the cold weather out and the warmth in.

Heritage Windows Prices in Berkshire

If you’re looking for heritage windows quotes in Berkshire – Direct Trade Windows is here to help.

We will guide you through the whole process, from the initial discussion about your bespoke design through to installation day.

We will make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the standard and quality of the windows that we install.

Why not contact us on 01923 777 722, send us an email at info@directtradewindows.co.uk or use our online contact form to send us a message.

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