FOM Modus CNC Machine Investment

FOM Modus CNC Machine Investment

FOM Modus CNC Machine Investment

At Direct Trade Windows, our focus is always on wanting to offer our customers the best products available in the double glazing industry. Not only do we install stunning double glazing and home improvement products across Slough, Watford, Greater London, the South East and the surrounding areas, we also manufacture many of our products. We take pride in manufacturing our products because that way, we know that we are providing high-quality products from start to finish.

We recognise that in order to continue producing such high-quality products, we have to invest in the future. Industry-leading double glazing products can only be made with state of the art machinery. Our team work hard to source the latest machines in order for us to offer the best services and products for our loyal customer base.

Recently we have invested in the state-of-the-art FOM Modus CNC machine. Not only will this machine allow us to lower our fabrication time, but it will also improve our production quality.

Investing in the FOM Modus CNC has meant that our staff will benefit from a high degree of accuracy in the products that they are producing. Allowing for extremely accurate drawings with an adjustable console and 15-inch touch screen, keyboard and mouse, this machine will guarantee we achieve extremely accurate cuttings.

Another benefit of investing in the Modus CNC is the ability to seamlessly repeat designs. By giving our staff the tools to create industry-leading templates that can be effectively used to replicate cuttings, we have significantly reduced our production times. This means that we can produce more double glazing products in a shorter amount of time.

As the FOM Modus is so accurate, the off cuttings and waste will be kept to a minimum. Rather than having to waste excess materials, the team at Direct Trade will be able to save money and appropriately dispose of our off cuttings. The FOM Modus CNC is also fitted with an intelligently designed chip bin to effectively collect any waste.

Utilising the Modus CNC machine offers us unrivalled levels of efficiency. The premium materials that we use for our range of double glazing products would often need to go through a number of steps before they reach their final state. The Modus allows us to reach that stage in a fraction of the time. This will mean our staff can process orders faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Direct Trade are always trying to find the safest ways for our staff to complete their work. Ensuring that all projects can be carried out in accordance with health and safety regulations and in the safest possible environment. Investing in the FOM Modus CNC guarantees that the manufacturing process of our products will become heavily automated, this allows staff operating this machine to be well out of the way. Set up with to efficiently extract fumes, the Modus prevents our staff from inhaling anything dangerous.

The Modus CNC is fitted with LH and RH receding pneumatics stops and a robust guard with a receding frontal door and an additional pneumatic opening. The exceptional safety features of this machine will allow our staff to work safer and more efficiently than ever before.

We are very excited to continue manufacturing our industry-leading double glazing products for our customers using the FOM Modus CNC. By increasing production quality and lowering fabrication times, the team at Direct Trade are ensuring our products will reach as many customers, new and old, as possible.

The FOM Modus CNC Specifications

• CNC Machining Centre with 3 controlled axes and worktable with pneumatic positioning 0°/90°/180°

• Standard configuration:

• Pneumatic rotation of the work table 0° to 90 to 180°

• Servo-ventilated three-phase spindle motor 3kW Regulation of spindle rpm by numerical control – inverter (1000/12000 rpm)

• 6 position tool magazine (ISO 30)

• No.4 pneumatic vices with manual positioning

• LH and RH receding pneumatic stop

• Micro drop lubrication with pure oil

• Chip bin

• Guard with receding frontal door with pneumatic opening

• Set up for fumes extraction

• Electronic equipment ”Power E-Box”

• Adjustable consolewith PC, Touch screen 15″ keyboard and mouse

• Software licence for FOMCAM program

• FOMCAM training course (FOM premises)

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